Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Struggling Retailer's Flash of Brilliance...

The AWFUL state of the economy may have one beneficial side effect...

In addition to showing us that we should like live within our means, duh, it marks the resurgence of an old retail practice.

Layaway. Kmart has brought back a practice that really came to the fore during the Depression and lasted well into the 1970s...

You had to plan. How much? When? Paying on the installment plan - if you will - with no interest or outrageous finance charges. It was simple and sensible. Buyer's remorse? Nah - not if you have to actually pay for it. Overpaying for something as the interest rate ticks away while you pay the minimum - nope. You pay what it costs.

And - now Kmart has made the brilliant move of bringing this back AND promoting it! [Although I don't understand why they've excluded laptops?!] YAY Kmart! It brings back memories of Mom paying in bits and pieces for big at the local K - shopping...stopping for a 19 cent ham sammie on a plain little white bun when the blue light was flashing. LOVED those!!!

Good for you Kmart! Now - consumers do it! Quit charging your future away... Now - if I can only remember that...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Normally - I'm a sucker for combining words into wildly descriptive, fun new words...

Alas...I have recently come across two that made me throw up a little in my mouth.

Naturally both came from the world of PR and marketing. Naturally.

See I like words like "hilarify" - a tasty combo of terrify and hilarious - meaning it makes me laugh bunches but is really scary for whatever reason!

Sadly - I recently encountered a colleague who called himself a "solutionist." Eeew...
A company that used the descriptive word "Communimedia" in their company name.

I preferred Homer's internet venture name - CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet

Friday, October 17, 2008

Good to the last drop... I’m just MAD about Danneman’s!

In New York – it was Factory…In Austin – it was Little City…In Chattanooga – it was Coffee Crafters…

While I love my ‘bou at 10th/Piedmont and all the folks there – if Danneman’s were walkable I’d never go anywhere else. It is my Atlanta coffee home. I’ve moved around and have some favorites about town: Castleberry’s Tilt rocks [and leans], Reynoldstown’s Park Grounds is comfortable and funky, Kirkwood’s Gathering Grounds is stylish and welcoming.

But…but… Danneman's. Danneman’s is the real deal. It instantly grabbed my heart and mind.

Located in the ever-changing and increasingly safe and diverse Fourth Ward/Edgewood/MLK Historic neighborhood at the intersection of Edgewood and Boulevard, Danneman’s occupies the space of a former “indie” coffee chain. The building was also home at one time to a grocer by the same name.

Photo: Danneman’s

AND – here’s how I was so very charmed… Upon entering – you note the counter wrapped in corrugated aluminum with battered letters – the original signage of the grocery. The dead-on, fantastic d├ęcor combines that retro grocery feel with schoolroom accents – from the stand-up chalk board menu and happy sticker signs to the science lab tables and retail scale that holds fresh fruit and available pads and pencils for sale for those who’ve forgotten their back-to-school meeting supplies – it all works. The vintage seating set, the found letter cutouts for “eat” and “coffee,” it’s an artful blend of mod, retro, and vintage. The details all work and make for a most comfortable setting. Upstairs is the “library” for meetings, studying and additional seating.

Our friendly barista, and one of the partners, shared information about their intriguing baked goods and fun food menu. I have to say – it’s SO exciting to visit a groovy coffeehouse with an uncommon menu. It’s not broad or even, perhaps, culinary gold, but – neat. Big, interesting sandwiches, locally baked goods and uncommon snacks like string cheese and hard-boiled eggs, black bean dip and big + little breakfast sandwiches… My coffee pal Alastair and I shared a peanut butter, Nutella, banana and honey sandwich on a croissant that was indulgent and delicious and only $3.

What of the coffee - you ask? It is after all a coffeehouse. It’s locally roasted. I can’t go on too much, yet, about the drinks because I’ve only had an iced coffee thus far. A really good iced coffee. I can report back when I’ve had my seven-word long latte beverage for comparison.

It’s just that the mid-century, schoolroom, grocery vibe sucked me in. The charming details and charming service won me over and trust me – I will become a fixture at Danneman’s. Cheers! And… TGIF!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bless her heart - she's no Champagne Lady!


Incidentally - this program is why I learned to play the organ (a Thomas organ - just like Bob Ralston on the Welk Show) - which brought me to my tenure as mall organist at White Folks Mall in Springfield, IL.

Friday, October 3, 2008


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