Saturday, May 2, 2015

Service with a shrug© The tale of the cranky card shop curmudgeon


I didn't set out to snap at anyone.  I popped into a local card emporium. Seeking a vintage PS post card for a friend. When I asked… well - that's when it all went to hell.  "WE'RE NOT A SOUVENIR SHOP!" was the answer I got kind of barked at me.

I, regrettably, snapped back "I know you're not a souvenir shop. I just thought that you might have postcards since you carry so many greeting cards and stationery items." I was told, TOLD, to go across the street to a PS novelty shop for postcards, which I proceeded to do with haste.

Here's the problem…  Your shop is named Greetings. It's a card shop. A greeting card shop. 1000s of fun and serious and inane and elegant cards and all kinds of (as Mom would say) shittery. Telling me that you get asked for postcards 100s of times each day does not excuse your snappy response and unpleasant expression.

A card shop that's asked 100s of times per day if they have postcards - may just want to add a few postcards to the collection of chandeliers, Big Penis books, fart-in-a-jar, menopause kits, clocks, CDs, mints, etc…  OR - at least exhibit the polite tone and demeanor of a shop keep. Not someone exasperated and put upon by a simple question regardless of how many times you it has to be answered.

Most importantly. I am a local. I live here 12 months - not just season. Season is over. Think.

Or - I'll just remember to skip this shop and bring ALL my business to JustFabulous down the street - where the folks are always gracious and helpful. Service with a shrug© indeed!