Wednesday, June 4, 2014

sometimes disappointing when you expect more from folks...

Not that I still want to

and - the process was schizo...

but - I am somehow irked that it's moving forward - with a VERY similar concept [and vaguely similar aesthetic] to foodshop - in the space they directed me to work with - however - they've now doubled the size, taking over an adjacent space that was originally unavailable.

from the Downtown Project update:
The Market    
Location: 611 Fremont Street   
Status: under construction   
Projected Completion Date: August 2014Market offering prepared foods, wine, fresh produce, and a variety of grocery and sundry items at varying price points. The Market will also offer a hot bar, salad bar, prepackaged hot meals, a coffee bar, and beer growlers to go.

I am disappointed in the way they operate...

Wonder if this concept would work in Palm Springs?!
my vision...