Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Service with a shrug© BOO U.S. Airways

Well - I suppose this is a mixed bag.  The fact that they took more than $419 from me and delivered NOTHING...  The fact that their customer service people were unwilling or unable to do ANYTHING about it but repeat talking points - even as I pushed it up the chain of command...  The fact that when I asked the representative about canceling and rebooking travel - no mention was EVER made about the fine-print expiration...  The fact that regardless of that - they know other people will continue to book travel with them even though I won't...  These are the gross, unacceptable, NEGATIVE, service-blind issues that came from my recent experience.

However - the POSITIVE is that it spurred me to my keyboard and was perfect fodder to kick off the introduction to my book.  A quick anecdote to start the intro.

Of course - I would like all or some part of my money back or at least some sort of travel to show for all that money I donated to the airline - but...