Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Like caramelly crack! Only wildly cheap, quite legal and readily available...

The hidden gem at the generic end of the Kroger cookie aisle - Kroger Value Caramel Striped Shortbread Cookies - simply rocks!
[photo by Jill Ball]

I've been wanting to write about these budget-friendly faves for some time [shame on you Ms. Glynn]. Originally a better value at $1.01 - now for only $1.21 you get nearly a pound of these addictive treats!

While the ingredient list may not be up to some grocers' standards - there's nothing in here from Dow or Exxon. In fact, save for an extraordinary amount of food colorings, the ingredients are pretty straightforward - unlike the flavor.

These cheap cookies are complex! At first they may seem a little cloying. Then the lacy rounds actually give way to a slightly salty finish. It's a nice surprise.
[yummy photo by Jill Ball]

You know...when the going gets tough {like it really is right now}, the tough should get Kroger Value Caramel Striped Shortbreads.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

QUICK TAKE: Uncle Fun meets Woolworth's

Any native Atlantan knows Richard's Variety Store in Buckhead... A whacky amalgam of bookstore, toy store, neighborhood hardware store, home goods retailer and party supplies, and, and...

Being a somewhat new peachy boy - I hadn't yet discovered it. Well...NOW - Richard's Variety Store is in Midtown - right next to Trader Joe's.

It reminds me of Chicago fun-festival Uncle Fun (those of you who know KNOW! Those who don't - it's almost worth a trip if you add in Paper Boy and Superdawg). But - not just fun vintage toys
or retro candy
[remember edible spaceships?!?!]

It's got a GREAT greeting card selection - including some pretty designs and funny ones I've never seen. Those of you who know me know that that's quite a statement given my stationary issue [I'm obsessed]. The cheery yellow floor sweeps across the gigantic space from party supplies and Asian home goods to a pretty comprehensive and interesting kitchen department, a well-curated book selection displayed on antiques that are also for sale and - yes - the illusive sundries and notions department. SUNDRIES! NOTIONS!!! A broad selection of toys chosen to amuse grown-ups and a great selection for kids as well combined with a smattering of fun and retro sweets rounds out the collection.

What a fun way to spend part of a dreary afternoon.

Richard's Variety Store is in the Midtown Promenade next to Trader Joe's on Monroe just south of 10th street.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A great American morning

It's a great new day in America.

An Atlanta sunrise full of the shared hope and promise of a better future...