Saturday, December 20, 2014

AND - on the same evening… another farewell

I don't know how to explain how this made me feel. At once wistful and inspired. He's a cool character and this is just really, really neat. Somehow freeing. 
- only have to watch through, ironically, 4 mins. 20 sec. 

He also has a really cool voice.

Friday, December 19, 2014

End of an era… Sad to see this Christmas tradition go...

Wonderful Christmas tradition… a behind the scenes look and a bit heartbreaking at the same time.…/darlene-loves-final-late-show-chr…/ Yep. Teared up for sure.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cheers to Target… A few entertaining things that caught my eye.

Leave it to the red bullseye to quietly offer surprisingly stylish accessories for home entertaining…

There - on the back (usually clearance) end caps were several amazing finds.  The bar cart was on the main aisle - but sort of plopped down with some nice looking mid-mod chairs. Not the compelling visual story they deserved - but - still caught my eye as I am certifiably mad for bar carts these days.

Copper. Trend. Sharp. Yes, thank you.

Take a look at these cool finds…

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gotta love a fun paper clip!


Keeping us jittery...

Here’s a brief recap of today’s headlines or why I generally avoid broadcast news…
Panic, panic, panic, terror, cancer, cancer, fat, fat, left, right, blame, blame, extreme weather, extreme sports salaries, extreme sports crime, panic, panic, panic, financial doom, someone saves a _______ [insert puppy, deer, baby, hedgehog, bridge, park…].

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Monty Burns has no friends… a lesson

"Monty Burns has no friends." 

Great life, retailing and PR lessons from a grocery debacle in New England

People first. 

Profit second. 

Always wins.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

sometimes disappointing when you expect more from folks...

Not that I still want to

and - the process was schizo...

but - I am somehow irked that it's moving forward - with a VERY similar concept [and vaguely similar aesthetic] to foodshop - in the space they directed me to work with - however - they've now doubled the size, taking over an adjacent space that was originally unavailable.

from the Downtown Project update:
The Market    
Location: 611 Fremont Street   
Status: under construction   
Projected Completion Date: August 2014Market offering prepared foods, wine, fresh produce, and a variety of grocery and sundry items at varying price points. The Market will also offer a hot bar, salad bar, prepackaged hot meals, a coffee bar, and beer growlers to go.

I am disappointed in the way they operate...

Wonder if this concept would work in Palm Springs?!
my vision...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BAKO BITS – my intriguing day in Bakersfield

I have meant to post this tale of a day-trip adventure to the agricenter of our state when I lived in West Hollywood…  It was a fun day.

As we headed up the 5 [why are all our highways “the” something.  Is it because their lore and traffic is so legendary that it has to be THE 405 – not just 405?  Anyway – another topic for another day] – my friend Kristen repeated the question – Bakersfield?  Really?  The little gems that we kept uncovering in this San Joaquin Valley metro of nearly 840,000 people were as fun as they were surprising.  Here – for your enjoyment are the highlights…

-The Bakersfield Sign – An iconic arch that’s part of the city’s fabric

-Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace – Yep.  His music hall and they serve Dwight Yoakam’s Baby Back Ribs.  That's disturbing.

-Meadows Field – Those of you who know me – know that I’m obsessed with airports and how they’re part of a community and how they represent the community.  I have to say Bakersfield’s Meadows Field is spiffy, has a great aeronautical art collection – and for a small metro between two large metros (SFO/LAX), has decent non-stop destinations.

-Bakersfield Museum of Art – Cool architecture, a serious collection and curated exhibits.  My guess is that this is a hidden gem.
-Central Park at Mill Creek and the Walk – Part of the effort to revive downtown Bakersfield includes a pretty, pleasant 1.5 mile walking park along the city’s Mill Creek that culminates in Central Park – including a covered bridge, WiFi and a large collection of Kern River river boulders.
-Mid-Century – Apparently – there’s a neighborhood full of mid-century gems.  I haven’t found it yet.  Will check on my next visit!

-Hotel Padre – historic, stylish and probably the cornerstone of the downtown renaissance – this swanky boutique hotel has several food and cocktail options and pretty rooms.  It’s a great home base if you’re making your day trip and overnighter to allow for cocktailing!

-Muertos – Popcorn Pork and margaritas – um – OK…  Cool lofty space on Wall Street.

-Smith’s Bakery – Local favorite.  Vintage.  Yummy treats.

-Dagny’s Coffee Co. – local fave.  Local java spot.  Nice. 
-Belvedere Room – really stylish dining room at the Padre.  A great menu and lots of peacock velvet button-tufting to boot!
-19th Street Antique Shops – a whole slew of shops between Eye Street and Mill Creek.
-Look for the Woolworth’s on 19th Street and check it out – it’s an antique mall with an intact, operating LUNCHEONETTE!  So neat and, well, tasty!

-The roof bar at the Hotel Padre [noted above] is a nifty, stylish spot for a sip and chat – Prairie Fire has cabanas and fire pits and is a comfy spot under the sun and stars.
-On historic Wall Street – a hidden alley full of surprises - is a superb art deco bar called Guthrie’s Alley Cat.  

This hip, rough and tumble tavern is home to an amazing celebrity caricature mural created by the legendary Al Hirschfeld.  Well-priced cocktails and a chill vibe make it a great spot to hang (and play pool). 
-The Mint is one of Bakersfield’s true alternative spots – in the middle of the 19th Street Antique shops.  Cool bartenders, a patio and reasonable sips – make it a comfortable, welcoming spot.

It’s not Big Sur or Barcelona and a little more conservative than I’d like – but, at the end of the day, it was a surprise just how much there was to see and do.  And – we didn’t even delve into the areas rich agricultural activity – with chances for both shopping and touring.  The Bakersfield area is home to great natural beauty along the Kern River and abundant produce, including: grapes, citrus, almonds, carrots, alfalfa, cotton, and roses.  Next time?  A trip to Dewar’s Soda Fountain and Fine Candies and a meal at one of the city’s famous Basque restaurants…

So – while flying over or whizzing by on the freeway [on the way to/from New York, LA or SF] it’s good to remember that there are lively, intriguing little cities that very often fly way under the radar.  Bakersfield is one of them.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Palm Springs ist immer voller Ɯberraschungen...

Yep.  Our metro is an onion.  I can't believe that there's always something fun to see when you peel back another layer.

So - walking to morning coffee yesterday and stumbled across Delicatesse.  A Euro [officially central European] deli in La Plaza - an historic shopping area downtown.

A Benetton rainbow of partners brings us a neat little shop full of Germanic goodies.  Teutonic treats?  Yes - my Saturday mocha has been Irished up a little.  So?

From uncommon packaged goods and a daily soup to sandwiches [I had pickle loaf and dilled Havarti on German rye with their homemade potato salad - yum!] and such, everything is handy.  


A great cheese case and cooler and an impressive collection of sausages and wursts and slicing meats round out the food selection.

I am not a beer drinker - but there also looked to be some swell brews to try with your sausage, sauerkraut and mustard...

Delicatesse is just 5 days old and is located at
117 La Plaza between Palm and Indian Canyon Drives 
in La Plaza in downtown Palm Springs.

Monday, January 6, 2014