Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reason #1,437,632 why Comcast is evil

Just a quick rant...

So funny how they make fun of the "big, expensive phone company..." When they jack rates around at will and fees and then when you call them on it - have no real answer. SO - I noticed that my cable went from $49.99 to $52.50. Sure - $2.51 may not sound like much...but when you're working to scare up consulting work - it all adds up. AND - why, exactly, do they deserve it?

I called to find out.

Well...Little Miss was so friendly. Then it happened. Not only did she tell me it went into effect in February or March [my fault for taking so long to call them, I know...]... But...

wait for it...

when pressed on what additional service or changes were made to warrant the hike

Little Miss told me that "it's like gasoline. It just goes up."

Cable is, in fact, NOTHING like gasoline. And - not only was that the most insanely inappropriate thing to say - but - she actually fanned the flames by telling I could get additional service by bumping up to the $79.99/ month package. When I explained that I had called because I already felt ripped off and wasn't prepared to spend EVEN MORE with the evil empire - she just ignored me.

When asked what the cheapest, most basic plan available was - I was told I had it. Isn't there a minimal, local, network [ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, CW] only plan that's really inexpensive - around $20 or so? There was in a previous Comcast market I lived in... If she lied - well...I guess it's no surprise.


BOO COMCAST!!! Now I know why there are a million rants against them on the Consumerist [they are part of the sites "Sweet 16" worst companies] where I will, moving forward, let others' words tell the tales...


Monday, June 23, 2008

re-post: Where the rubber meets the road... ME on TV!

I've media trained dozens of people...

Here's where I try to remember it all... Oh - and a tasty drink recipe too on a great local program called "Style"

I've tried and tried to embed the video - but cannot seem to make it work...so, here's the link

Thanks to the GREAT folks at WBIR in Knoxville...and to my stellar helper Dejie Johnson!

I hope this is the first of many TV appearances - it was really fun and, frankly, deep down I've always thought I should be on TV.

The Chalmers Hot Mama Martini
This kicky drink is an uncommon way to unwind after a hot, stressful day – or a great way to end a spicy Latin-inspired meal and features Chalmers Mucho Mayan Spice Ganache. The recipe is kicked up a notch with vanilla soy milk and by the addition of a splash of spicy, cinnamon schnapps.

Chalmers’ Hot Mama Martini

handful of ice
1 oz. Dekuyper Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps, to taste
3 oz. vodka
4 oz. Spicy Chalmers Ganache Milk Base (recipe below)
cinnamon stick, to garnish
Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice. Add schnapps and vodka. Fill to 1 or 2 inches from the top of the shaker with spicy milk base, to taste. Put the lid on and shake well. Strain into a cold martini glass and garnish with cinnamon sticks.

Spicy Chalmers Ganache Milk Base

Chalmers Chocolate Mucho Mayan Spice Ganache
Vanilla soy milk
For the base (also chocolate milk drinks), heat approximately 2 heaping tablespoons Chalmers Mucho Mayan Spice
Ganache to 1-2 cups soy milk, to taste, in a saucepan, stirring constantly until thoroughly combined. Cool completely.
Chocolate milk base can be stored in the refrigerator up to 5 days. Give it a stir when ready to serve.

TIP: This chocolatey base can be made ahead and used in any drink in place of chocolate milk


[note I reposted this because for some reason - this posted on the date I began the draft - not today - go figure]

Friday, June 20, 2008

Home again, home again - jiggity jig...

Well dear reader[s?]...

Back in the deep down dirty after a fabulous week in fabulous Las Vegas!

Visiting my fabulous parents!

Happy Father's Day Dad!
[this is from Christmas - there's no velvet in 108 degree heat!]

More on my trip and a delicious little rant about the most decidedly evil Comcast to come...

Hope you missed me.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Elotes! Elotes! Elotes! The delicious cry of Logan Square...in East Atlanta Village

HOT summer days on Chicago's near northwest side....

I lived in one of the few remaining historic boulevard neighborhoods in Chicago. It was predominantly single-family - so while much of the city west of - say - Ashland Avenue went through some rough transitions - this elegant area - between Diversey and Armitage, Kedzie and the Kennedy Expressway (or Western Avenue) - was tattered but not torn, per se. I lived there with the multitudes of Latin families and curious others in love with the architecture and the sweeping boulevards and Monument Circle.

One fond memory was the delicious cry of the entrepreneur with his push cart with frozen fruit bars (mango, coconut, strawberry...) and - yes - ELOTES!!!! OR corn.

Not just any corn - but grilled corn on the cob with a schmear of mayonnaise (wait - don't poo-poo it yet) and a sprinkling of cotija cheese and option butter and paprika... At $1 - it was a beautiful thing. A simple thing. A delicious thing. Satisfying and joyful. I'm sure that this treat isn't unique to Chicago...but - it was where I learned about it - one of my favorite street foods!!!

AND... NOW... I found it in the deep down dirty...

Atlanta's East Atlanta Village is a neat blend of shops, bars, independent thinkers and food. Holy Taco is a new addition. Some don't get the taqueria pricing/menu - and moan about the lack of a blop of refried beans and/or salty filler rice with their tacos (TRY THE BRISKET!!!!!). AND - at $3 a pop - the Elotes Asado is more than I'm used to - but - hey - this isn't 1990's Logan Square and it was EVERY BIT as yummy and naughty and fresh and fun as the tasty treat I used to run down the stairs from my third floor flat to buy.

Great patio. Sweet, but refreshing white sangria and Elotes. A perfect summer night.

Holy Taco
1314 Glenwood Avenue
check out their menu