Friday, October 15, 2010

Plain old snobbery...

Seriously - this reminds me of when StarChefs came to Atlanta to give awards announcing that they thought the Atlanta food community was finally ready... Really? Really. From TopFlr to Star Provisions - from Serenbe to The Feed Store - Atlanta has had great opportunities to shop and sip and sup for years. No need to validate it StarChefs - people already know it. Head back to NYC and give out your awards to all the "cutting edge" boites there.

LA is delicious and we don't need a book to tell us so or show us where.

P.S. Michelin North America is based in South Carolina. South Carolina.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Todays Shoes and Socks... I AM DELINQUENT!

fun things to read. As I get into the swing of my new life in LA - I will be able to resume some of my habits [aka writing]... It's been nearly 8 months since I arrived and I still feel, in many ways, like I just got here. Thanks for your patience and DO stay tuned.

Here's what's in the pipeline - as previously previously previously mentioned:
-The pleasures of Plaisir [mmmm...cream puffs - and not the odd Asian pirate cream puff stuff]
-V.= Very good [a look at a local spot that showcases fresh, natural foods]
-Comme Ca - I am the mayor of this place on FourSquare for a reason!
-When life gives you lemons - you go to fresh food stand-out Lemonade
-Patron saint of rock-n-roll and tasty food and drink - new fave Saint Felix