Friday, May 30, 2008

R.I.P. Harvey Korman...classy...hilarious

When I think about growing up with the Carol Burnett Show as part of my Saturday night routine, it breaks my heart to hear of the loss of Harvey Korman.

It was a cleaner, simpler, gentler, classier time...

could always count on Conway to crack him up...

oh Mama...


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fabulously Inappropriate...

In case you missed this on Daily Candy...

Sometimes you just can't find exactly the words or right card at Hallmark or from Carlton [and this word has somehow made a strong comeback into our modern lexicon]...

Even with their expanded card section, you won't likely see these at Target or Papyrus...

Even the company name is fun and, well, dear reader, describes at least some of you.

How deliciously elegant and angry... Not quite Mrs. John L. Strong - LOL!

They also have some other fun naughties - check them out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bon Appepig - or - When Pigs Fly...

Ever have one of those parties?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Now...where are those hot dogs?

[SPOILER ALERT: incidentally - the sound made when the pig jams in the dam tickles me]

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where the rubber meets the road... ME on TV...

I've media trained dozens of people...

Here's where I try to remember it all... Oh - and a tasty drink recipe too on a great local program called "Style"

I've tried and tried to embed the video - but cannot seem to make it, here's the link:

Thanks to the GREAT folks at WBIR in Knoxville...and to my stellar helper Dejie Johnson!

I hope this is the first of many TV appearances - it was really fun and, frankly, deep down I've always thought I should be on TV.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Moms...separated at birth?

I have often thought these two cute moms could be sisters...

Letterman's Mom

Ellen's Mom

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I laughed so hard I _____ed.

Match Game is an American treasure. There I said it.

For those of you who think Match Game was [insert age-related hilarity here]... Match Game was a fabulous game show in the 70s... Many of the participants were tipsy...many smoked on the set. There's a retro image, eh? Bret Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly [RIP to both], Fanny Flagg, Nipsy Russell, Richard Dawson, Betty White (yes - children - she had a career before Ugly Betty and even before the Golden Girls - which Lifetime is apparently getting rid of - but that's another topic for another day), and a rotating cast of celebs - all wrangled by wry host Gene Rayburn played what was basically a game of Mad Libs -with naughty double-entendres. Most of the racy stuff was pretty tame by today's standards.

ANYWAY - last night SNL did a hilarious take on Match Game with "It's a Match." The beloved host was murdered and the exasperated detective had to get answers to his questions written on note cards a la Match Game. It was well-done, well-timed and pretty damn funny "Magic..." Nice job Shia. Amy and Fred were swell as Bret and Charles. AND the names they came up with for the celebs were fun, too.

Take a look.

Hope they repeat this premise somehow! And...on a Mother's Day note - my Mom LOVES Match Game... Happy Mother's Day Connie!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cheers to Mom!

This weekend is Mother's Day.

If your Mom digs cocktails like mine does - here's one I developed for my client Chalmers Ganache...

It's a heady concoction and an intriguing blend of flavors. And - the decanter of purple vodka is pretty to have around...

Liqueur de Violette is a French liqueur that’s nearly impossible to find in the United States - though I ran across at at a swell neighborhood spot - TopFlr once the uber-hip bartender warmed up to us... The recipe approximates its floral notes by infusing a vodka of choice with Monin’s violet syrup.

Chalmers’ Violet Momtini
handful of ice
3 oz. violet vodka (recipe below made with Monin Violette)
6 oz. Chalmers Ganache Milk Base (recipe below)
crystallized violet petals, to garnish
Fill a cocktail shaker half full of ice. Add violet vodka. Fill to 1 or 2 inches from the top of the shaker. Put the lid on and shake well. Strain into a cold Martini glass and sprinkle with crystallized violet petals.

Violet Vodka
2 oz. Monin Violette - violet syrup
16 oz. vodka of choice
Blend Monin syrup and vodka in a decanter or bottle, to taste. Let flavors meld at least 2 hours prior to preparing cocktail

Chalmers Ganache Milk Base
Chalmers Chocolate Luxe Dark Ganache
Whole Milk or Half-and-Half
For the base (also drinking chocolate beverages), heat 1 part Chalmers Luxe Dark Ganache to 1 part whole milk, to taste - I tend to go a little heavy on the ganache, in a saucepan, stirring constantly until thoroughly combined. Cool completely. Chocolate milk base can be stored in the refrigerator up to 5 days. Give it a stir when ready to serve.
TIP: This chocolaty base can be made ahead and used in any drink in place of chocolate milk


Friday, May 2, 2008

The Economy, My Front Left Tire and Debra Messing...

Name three things that are flat. YAY!

[not my actual tire]

It's official - the temporary economic readjustment [or whatever the W PR machine has branded our deepening recession] - is real. The big screw in the sidewall of my tire showed me that. I'm no stranger to belt tightening [alas - the financial kind] having had my own consultancy for 8+ years in Chicago and for the past 3 years [2 in a dead market that required extensive explanation and the past 1 in the next great American city where I'm just beginning to make my name in a crowded marketplace...

So - when my local tire-a-teria informed me that the damage was irreparable and the a new tire would be $125 - I was - well - rather literally screwed. But - I knew there was a better way.

Let's hear it for Google - which is how I discovered my wheel's savior - The Good Used Tire Shop

So - I made my way to Metropolitan Parkway in South Atlanta. Let me tell you - a gently used, tready tire installed for $25 was to me like water to Lake Lanier...

The young man from Cameroon provided stellar service and a lilting accent. I felt compelled to offer him a gratuity. So even at $30 - I got a bargain and a pleasant customer service experience - both quite rare these days. It's an important lesson - there's always an alternative. In fact, in the coming days - Mr. Thrifty will share tips on keeping your grocery bill down a little bit...